Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tea and Love

Solemn and Serene, 
He went about making his special Tea for everyone;
People remembered him and his Tea always.
When his loved ones wondered if it was time for a Tea,
He would always be there with a cuppa saying "At your service".

I have never seen him laugh out loud.
He would just smile quietly, 
And on occasions his silence conveyed everything;
His silence is now everywhere...

I always wonder where he is and what he is doing now?
I guess I know
He must be making God's favorite Tea
And enthralling every soul with his humble, overflowing cup of Love

Miss you every moment Muthacha. Love you.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My SoulMate :)

Never expected her to say "Yes"
I almost choked when she said so.
Yet nonchalantly and without much ado,
She gently glided into my life.

I wonder everyday how she knows so much about me,
I smugly do try to hide this acceptance.
But it has been so,right from the beginning.
She reads my thoughts at will,
I wonder how she does all this effortlessly?

I always fail to read her,
I always succeed to misread and misinterpret,
For me everything seems to matter,
For her nothing seems to matter,
I sometimes wonder if I am living a dream :)
I don't know if this how every man feels?
I don't seem to know anything !!!!

I know I am possessive,
I know I am overprotective,
I know she knows all this,
And yet I try to hide and show
That I am not like other men :)

She makes me feel complete,
She ruthlessly points out my flaws,
She makes me feel like a child,
She makes me feel like an old man too :)

I pray, I laugh, I cry, I love,
And all I can do,
Is shout out aloud :)
She is the one :)
God's generous gift :)
My soulmate :)

Love you  :)

Happy Anniversary :)

Friday, February 03, 2012

Tears !!!

Salty, Bitter, Sweet, Sour,
Happy, Sad,Painful,Angry,
Love, Hate, Make, Break,
Drip, Drop, Flow, Ebb,
Eyes, Nose, Throat,Heart,
Toddle, Teen, Mid, Old,
Cradle, School,Office, Grave,

With Tears "I" began this journey,
With Tears "I" flow through the tendrils of time,
"I" dissolves in the ocean of bliss..........
"I" cry :)
"I" begin another journey..... !!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Mind Pendulum

To and Fro ,To and Fro
End to End ,End to End,
Oscillations and more Oscillations,
Sometimes slow, sometimes fast...

Searching for that ever elusive...
but not knowing what the search is for...
Seeking false targets;one leading to another,
Ever searching but never ending oscillations.

O mind! thou dost oscillate
Owing to thine ever increasing burden.
The burden is not yours but you think it is;
An imaginary ever attracting never fulfilling burden.

Seek thy source, seek the eternal and not the external.
For that is where you began and that is the ultimate end.
That is the ultimate and permanent peace.....
That is the End of all searches.

Look Within....Look Within....
And thou shall finally rest...
Centered in Him in eternal bliss...
Tat Tvam Asi (Thou Art That).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lonely traveller

One whiff of O2 and there started my journey
Ignorant about the travails, ignorant about the miles ahead
I touched my little feet on the ground
It took me a while to get a sense of things
And there began my sketch in the grand drawing.

It has been a wondorous journey...

I see many a face, 
Some of them leave me,
I leave some of them,
Some of them become part of me,
I become part of some.
Neverthless each face reflects on me.
I laugh with them,
I cry, I fight,I agree,I disagree, I love,I hate.
A rainbow of emotions leaves me colorless.

Attachments and detachments-both unreal,
Happiness and dissapointment-both cheaters,
Success and failure- famous imposters
Fulfilments and frustrations-2 sides of a counterfeit coin
All of them come and go.

Neverthless I move on,One tread a measure,One foot a time 
I carry memories of the previous step,
I tread the next measure with a sense of false wisdom,
I might rise or I might fall, but I have to keep the next step.
All of them etched in time.

It is a journey within...
It is a journey without...
It is a journey of my soul..
Through the tendrils of time...

Time is the only witness...
Alas He is only a witness...
The cruel teacher, the task master
He makes me toil,He makes me me learn...
And kills me mercilessly in the end...

But do I really die??? 
I do not know.
I do not know my destiny...
I do not know my destination...
I shall know it....when I reach there...
And I shall reach there...alone.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Elusive Gossamer

I stand in the wedding hall
In utter dismay and disbelief
That this is happening....
But then may be I always knew.
How I hated this day.....
But the day had come....

I wait with bated breath,
as she and marriage party come along
She has never looked more beautiful
Her cheeks flushed a rose red....
She did look what I called her
Gossamer-angelic and graceful.
I did not want nor did I look at the groom
The one who is going to take away the bin of my dreams.
The priest asks the public consent
My entire being shouts No but my lips remain sealed...
She has said yes to him and No to me....
They exchange vows and rings...
I look away in agony....
The wedding party leaves...
My elusive gossamer is now lost forever....
I stand like a zombie numb and cold...
I then kneel down in the church hall
And cry inconsolably and shout -
"Almighty God enough enough"

With a shudder I open my eyes...
I sit up in cold sweat....
The scene has repeated for the nth time...
Each time driving a needle thorough my heart.
The D-day is yet to come....

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Music-the eternal joy

As my foot treads this earth,
I behold many a scene,
which tweaks the strings of my soul.
It then speaks,cries,laughs out
In a language unknown.
Emnates then from the churning within
an inexplicable joy from my core
bringing silence to my soul.